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The National Cancer Policy

The National Cancer Policy forum held a workshop July 12-13, 2010, create awareness among the people to explore challenges in the use of nanotechnology in oncology. Nanotechnology and Oncology evaluates the ongoing discussion on the role of nanotechnology in cancer as it relates to risk management, treatment, and equipment regulatory policy. Assessments on Nan medicine and the physical properties of nonmaterial were presented during the workshop, along with an appraisal of the current status of research and development efforts and its can perfect create awareness among our people.

Medical prospects

Medical prospects that will revolutionize cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment practices. Create a new hope to patients, practitioners, and there relative alike, nanotechnology has the potential to translate recent discoveries in cancer biology into clinical advances in oncology. While public investments in nanotechnology for cancer continue to increase, medical product and medical equipments based on nanotechnology are already on the market.